With the Airblower ZW-1 all sorts of flower and vegetable seeds can be cleaned and separated into THREE fractions by means of airflows.
The ZW-1 is a laboratory machine and is suited for small amounts of seeds.
As it is a compact machine, and it's very easy to operate and to clean.
Because the front of the machine is equiped with a safetyglass door, there is a good view of the product in the machine, while adjusting the machine.

Technical Data:

220 Volt/ 2,5 Amp/ 1 fase, 50 Hz.
Size: L x W x H = 620 x 920 x 1500 mm.
Weight 84 Kg.

We can supply a movable, 520 mm. raised supportingframe for the Airblower ZW-1.
It improves the machine control.

Theory of operation:

The product is fed into the machine by means of an adjustable hopper.
The separation of seeds into THREE fractions is obtained, because the product is falling into the upward airflow.
The airspeed is adjustable in two ways:
1st, the airflow of the fan is adjustable with the controlunit.
2nd, the airvalves in the second and third airchamber are adjustable independent of each other.
Because of these adjusting possibilities, an optimum situation can be created, for every kind of seed.

For upgrading products we have developed a special version of this machine, style ZW-2.

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