This horizontal decksortingmachine is suitable for upgrading existing lots of seed.
It extracts the seed into 6 fractions, thus making it possible to extract the best seeds.

Technical data:

230 volts/ 4 Amps
Continuous adjustment of deckspeed and dosage of vibrating shute.
Angle adjustment.
Size deck, 1900 x 900 mm ( length x width )
Control Panel mounted on adjustable colom.v Suitable for small and large lots of seed.

Theory of operation:

By means of adjusting the angle very acurately, together with the continuous adjustment of the deckspeed, one is able to find the balance between shape (round seeds move faster downwards ) and specific gravity (heavier seeds move faster downwards ) In this manner, homogeneous lots of seed are obtained, with the same round shape and the same specific gravity. This results in lots with better germinal force.